This project provides visual resources for the teaching of art history, with special focus on the medieval architecture and sculpture of France, Ireland, England and Spain. Resources include panoramic imagery, zoomable imagery, 3D models and still imagery. Although mostly dedicated to architecture and portal sculpture, there are also examples of wall painting and stained glass.

portal project

This project is a part of the larger fabricae project, and provides visual resources for the study of medieval French figural portals. Resources include hi-resolution zoomable imagery, panoramas and still imagery. Most of the significant portals in France are represented, and there is also the option to search by iconography by using the "Subjects" search.


**Coming Soon** This project is a bit of a hobby project that also has implications for teaching. The goal is to create 3D model reconstructions of monastic complexes using whatever resources are available. It's based on the premise of the Monasticon Gallicanum, a series of drawings of French monasteries done in the 17th century and published in the 19th century.

modeling service

I tend to build models that I'm interested in, or that are directly related to projects I'm working on, but surely there are many of you out there whose research and teaching could benefit from having 3D manipulable models of buildings or complexes, whether it's for teaching or for generating illustrations for published works. The modeling service may be your answer.

uw watchdog

This project provides documentation of my odyssey through academia, in particular a series of events which led to my unlawul dismissal from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. It includes documentation of internal proceedings, criminal complaints, and ethics complaints, as well as complaints of employment discrimination based in sex and disability.

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